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Spa Treatment

Simply indulge yourself

Treat yourself to valuable hours that you can dedicate entirely to your own “self”, your health and beauty.

We invite you to take a day out of your everyday life and do something extraordinarily good for yourself with our wide range of treatments in our wellness world.

Regenerating, invigorating or relaxing – choose your own personal treatment from our diverse treatment packages.

Our team works with natural and regional wellness products from the Kurland company in Berchtesgaden.

You can choose from the following treatments.

We recommend booking these directly with your stay.


Comfort, security and simply feeling good. Our massages help you to let go and immerse yourself in a world of regeneration and relaxation.


The classic massage is a treat for body and soul. Special massage techniques stimulate blood circulation of the tissues.

Partial body relaxation massage of 35 minutes for € 70.00

Full body relaxation massage of 60 minutes for € 105.00

Full body relaxation massage of 80 minutes for € 125.00



Ayurveda is based on the healing science of India and deals with harmony of body, mind and soul. The Ayurveda massage brings your three basic energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which have become out of balance, back into equilibrium. Vata – the principle of movement, Pitta – the principle of transformation and metabolism and Kapha – the principle of stability and substance.

Abhyanga – full body massage à 65 minutes at € 110,-

Abhyanga – full body massage à 80 minutes for € 125,-

Abhyanga – full body massage incl. head & face massage à 90 minutes at € 140,-


Combined with fragrant oils, the massage has an additional effect and appeals to the limbic system.

Partial body aroma massage of 35 minutes for € 70.00

Full body aroma massage of 60 minutes for € 105.00

Full body aroma massage of 80 minutes for € 125.00


The intensive sports massage stimulates the muscle tissue. As a result, it is better supplied with nutrients and oxygen and can perform better. Tense muscles and fascia tissue become more elastic and supple.

Back sports massage of 40 minutes for € 75.00

Full body sports massage of 50 minutes for € 90.00


A combination of heat, essential oils and neck massage relieves even stubborn tension in the shoulder/neck area. Enjoy the soothing warmth and let it take the weight off your shoulders.

Massage of 50 minutes for € 85.00


Lymphatic drainage, the gentle massage that stimulates the metabolism and the entire body. This technique ensures that accumulations of water in the tissue are removed more easily.

Full body 40 minutes at € 75.00

Lomi Lomi Nui

The Lomi Lomi massage is known as the queen of massages. It has a deep meaning in Hawaiian culture and is used for relaxation as well as physical and mental cleansing.

Full body Lomi Lomi for 60 minutes at € 110.00

Full body – Lomi Lomi à 80 minutes at € 130,00




Massage for the whole body. Beautiful fresh summer massage with the effect of the aloe vera leaf.

Massage à 80 minutes for € 135,00

Hot Stone Massage