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World of sauna

Sauna feeling

Numerous soothing heat treatments await you in our extensive sauna area. Switch off, relax, work up a sweat – and recharge your batteries in the most pleasant way. Wellness provides new strength.

One thing is certain: every sauna, every relaxation area lets you do something wonderful for your beauty and your health in a harmonious, beautiful ambience.

Whether sanarium, Finnish sauna or our Kraxen stoves – take the time for an extensive, relaxing sauna experience and enjoy the soothing warmth.

Our saunas are open daily from 2pm to 10pm.


Sauna Feelings

Relaxation and well-being await you in our newly designed sauna area. Never before have wellness and sauna been as popular as they are today. Our Adults Only sauna area includes many new special features and unique attractions.


Relaxation, stress reduction, strengthening the immune system

At a temperature of approx. 48C to 60C, you can enjoy a more gentle sauna. In this sauna you promote your health, but do not demand maximum performance from your body. The high but pleasant temperature and humidity promote your blood circulation and gently stimulate your metabolism and cardiovascular system. You also strengthen your immune system and increase the mobility of your muscles and joints.

Finnish Sauna

High temperatures, dry room climate, purification

Our new Finnish sauna has a temperature of approx. 85 to 95 Celsius and a humidity of approx. 10 to 30 percent.

The high fluid loss supports the purification and detoxification of the body. This stimulates circulation and blood flow and strengthens the immune system.

Infrared Cabin

Relief of joint complaints, weight reduction, detoxification

The radiant heat, which is transferred directly to the body, is gentle on the human body’s circulation.

Effects of infrared radiation: improved circulation, muscle relaxation, improved mobility, purification and detoxification.


Skin care, inhalation, detoxification

In our Sa-Lounge, we bring you the Nordic salt breeze to the Bavarian Sea.

You will achieve a pleasant state of relaxation and your skin will feel smoo