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Experience the Bavarian Alps and hike through untouched nature. Peace & vitality – simply do you good! The alpine landscape never fails to impress with fascinating moments.

The imposing summit scenery that inspires hiking tours in the Southern Alps seems almost close enough to touch. From the nearby Chiemgau and Mangfallgebirge mountains to the Berchtesgadener Land and the Alpine crossing to the Austrian Alps, nature and mountain lovers are inspired time and time again.

Challenging high mountain tours or relaxed alpine hikes: the scenery could hardly be more beautiful! Dense forests, thundering waterfalls and mystical mountain lakes. At every altitude, you will come across natural sites full of magic and beauty when hiking in the Bavarian Begwelt. The rustic mountain inns with breathtaking panoramic views of forests and lakes provide typical Bavarian specialties.



We have combined the most beautiful mountain tours for you in our hiking booklet.

For hikes with the whole family, we recommend the shorter lodge hikes that are possible in summer and winter.

All tours have been put together with love by us and we have of course also hiked all of them.



Kampenwand - 1669m

Chiemgau Alps

Ascent: 2:45 hours

Descent: 2:00 hours

Altitude difference 1049

Parking lot Aschau/Kohlstatt (650 m) – Steinlingalm (1473 m) – Kampenwand (1669 m)

Character: Easy mountain hike to the Steinlingalm, increasingly steep and stony ascent to the summit

The Kampenwand – our local mountain

The Kampenwand is the most famous peak in Chiemgau. First we head towards the Maisalm. This small, enchanting alpine pasture is also recommended for short family hikes.

Continue towards the Steinlingalm and on to the Kampenwand.

Continue towards the Steinlingalm and on to the Kampenwand.

The forest slowly thins out and the path gradually leads to the saddle between Gedererwand and Sulten. The Steinlingalm is soon reached.

Behind the lodge, a steeper path now leads to the rocky summit region – which can then only be mastered with easy scrambling.

After circling the last rock with the help of a wire rope, only a small bridge separates you from the huge summit cross, which honors the fallen of the Chiemgau.

Enjoy the wonderful view over the Chiemgau and the Chiemsee.

Directions: Country road towards Aschau im Chiemgau / in Aschau at the traffic circle turn right towards Sachrang / after the Gassner country butcher’s shop turn right into Aufhamer Straße / towards the Kohlstatt hiking parking lot

Costs: Parking lot Kohlstatt 2,- € day ticket (as of 2021)

Hochfelln - 1674m

Chiemgau Alps

Ascent: 2:15 hours

Descent: 1:50 hours

Altitude 675 meters

Steinbergalm (1000 m) – Bründlingalm (1167 m) – Hochfelln (1674 m)

Character: Moderately difficult mountain hike, above the Bründlingalm the path turns into a partly stony and steep path.

Hochfelln – the popular one

The quickest way to reach the summit is via the Steinbergalm. You walk up the forest path until you reach a pasture gate. You continue along a moderately steeper path through the forest until you reach a crossroads. You walk towards Hochfelln, accompanied by the course of the Schwarze Ache stream.

The first refreshment stop is the Bachschmiedkaser Alm (1130 m), a little above the lodge you reach the Öderkaser Alm (1161 m) and shortly afterwards the Bründlingalm (1167 m).

A path with steps leads you steeply uphill through the forest. You will soon reach two hairpin bends, where you have to slip between two rocks. A winding path continues in the direction of the Hochfellnbahn mountain station.

Our tip: On the descent, you will pass the middle station. There you can stop at the Hochfellnblick panoramic restaurant. You can purchase a voucher for a hearty snack at our reception.

Directions: A8 towards Salzburg / exit Siegsdorf / towards Inzell/Ruhpolding / at the entrance to Ruhpolding turn right at the Aral petrol station into Maiergschwendter Straße and after 1.1 kilometers turn right at the fork in the road towards Steinbergalm

Costs: Parking lot Steinbergalm 2,- € (as of 2021)

Spitzstein - 1596m

Chiemgau Alps

Ascent: 2:30 hours

Descent: 1:45 hours

Altitude difference 860m

Route 8.4 kilometers

Sachrang (772 m) – Spitzsteinhaus (1252 m) – Altkaseralm (1279 m) – Spitzstein (1596 m)

Character: up towards the Spitzsteinhaus it is an easy hike. After that, rugged and steep paths await you. Sure-footedness is an advantage before the summit ascent.

Spitzstein – the classic

The hike up the Spitzstein (1596m) is a classic in the west of Chiemgau, which can be reached at almost any time of year thanks to the Spitzsteinhaus (1252m).

From the hiking parking lot, the trail leads towards the Spitzsteinhaus. You now hike steeply uphill through dense mountain forest and leave the forest after a few minutes. The path continues across a meadow towards the hamlet of Mitterleiten.

The path continues along a wide track until you reach a tarred road to Mitterleiten. In Mitterleiten, we turn left immediately after a farm and then turn diagonally right onto a wide path.

We hike downhill, following a wooden fence, losing a good 20 meters in altitude. At afork in the path, we follow the signs for Spitzstein, Spitzsteinhaus and walk back across a meadow.

Continuing through a dense mountain forest again, you gain altitude. After about 30 minutes you reach the Steinmoosalm. Then head towards the Spitzsteinhaus, which is already visible, and finally climb up several hairpin bends to the shelter of the German Alpine Club (1252 m) (1 ½ hours from Sachrang).

Pass the terrace of the Spitzsteinhaus on the right and hike up a steep path to the Altkaseralm (1279 m) in two minutes. From there you can reach the summit within 1 hour. The path becomes steep and rugged and you then always follow the red dot markings.

To the north, you can see the neighboring Chiemgau mountains of Hochries and Kampenwand, and to the west, the Wendelstein and the Bavarian Pre-Alps.

Directions: A8 towards Munich / exit Frasdorf / towards Aschau im Chiemgau / towards Sachrang / in Sachrang towards Spitzstein hiking parking lot

Costs: Sachrang parking lot 2,- € (as of 2021)